Camden, NJ

A New View


Transforming Illegal Dumping Lots into Venues for Public Art

The City of Camden transformed 6 illegal dumping sites into venues for public art alongside major transportation hubs, including highways, railways, and bike paths, to increase civic pride and improve perception of the city to the 65,000 people traveling through Camden daily.

“Illegal dumping is unsightly, unlawful, and costs the city over $4 million annually. This winning project provides a unique way to bring together residents and artists to address this issue with creativity and create a brighter future for Camden. I have made solving this problem the cornerstone of my administration.”

– Camden Mayor Francisco Moran


Project Updates:

Camden, NJ

Stephanie Dockery of Bloomberg Philanthropies said: “Public art really allows us to engage with places in a new way. People question, ‘What is this, why is it here?’ We discover new areas of our city, we get excited about the places where we live.”