Jackson, MS

Jackson Project Tells the Story of Food Access Through Art

The Fertile Ground project installed over 20 pieces of public art in Jackson to raise awareness of food access issues

By Ray Levy Uyeda, Next City

When Jackson, Miss. artist Adrienne Dominick was growing up, she loved to help her grandmother in the kitchen. “If I had to choose between hanging out with my grandma or going outside, I hung out with my grandma. She was like my first best friend,” Dominick says. She would walk into the kitchen, don her purple apron, and get to work. Dominick’s grandmother—Grandma Rose—was a fisher and an urban farmer, and back then it wasn’t uncommon to enjoy a meal with her family that consisted of fresh produce. That’s changed, of course, over the past few decades, as food insecurity and income inequality has worsened across the country and especially in Dominick’s hometown of Jackson.

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