Anchorage, AK

What’s New in Civic Tech: Can Alaska Help Solve Climate Change?

Bloomberg Philanthropies has chosen Anchorage, Alaska, as a 2018 Public Art Challenge, and the city will now get up to $1 million for a project aimed at finding solutions to climate change.

That project is Anchorage’s Solutions for Energy and Equity through Design (SEED) Lab, and to make it possible the city will partner with the Anchorage Museum to convert what it describes as “a neglected downtown building in the city’s growing design district.” In a press release, stakeholders note that the aim of the SEED lab is to foster collaborations between artists, designers, engineers and others in the community who can help draw attention to climate change and also create solutions. Plans call for projects started in the lab to be prototyped with the aid of deep community engagement.

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Anchorage, AK

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Anchorage, AK

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