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Forbes: Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Challenge To Fund Public Art Projects

Bloomberg Philanthropies is taking a significant initiative to boost America’s public arts scene. The foundation announced yesterday that it will award at least three cities in the U.S. up to $1 million each over two years to fund innovative public art projects.

The Public Art Challenge, created to support local arts scenes and to enrich the quality of life in regions around the country, invites cities with at least 30,000 residents to apply online for the grant. The money will aid in the realization of a temporary work of art—whether visual art to performance art to mixed media projects— displayed in a public space.

Applications are open only to a city’s mayor or chief executive, with the submission representing a joint-proposal between the city and either an artist or an arts establishment. While the challenge does not accept multiple applications per city, two or more cities may collaborate on a project.

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